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Auto Detailing Product Supplier near East Lyme, CT

Lester Enterprises, located in East Lyme, CT. supplies their own auto detailing products specifically for their unique market categories. Our non-ammoniated Glass Cleaner "The Boss" is the choice for auto body shops, used and new car dealers and detailing companies. It does not streak and leaves a fresh scent.Thick foam lifts away the toughest soils on all glass surfaces.Wipes quickly, without streaks or rainbows. Will not cause build-up on surfaces.

"Insta-Shine" works to bring out the luster on all interior and exterior plastic and vinyl coatings. Many of our customers also use this product to dress their vehicles tires before they hit the show room.

"Plexi-Klear" is a unique product that was initially brought on and designed for our marina customers. It not only cleans the special plexi-glass that is used in boats, it also polishes out the light scratching that occurs while boats are in use. This product has also done very well with our sign manufacturers. They use "Plexi-Klear" as their first choice in cleaning their work before it leaves the shop.

"Insta-Clean" is used as a spot remover and shampoo for all interior fabrics for boats and vehicles. It has proven itself to be the product of choice for our very well rounded customer base and continues to be a home run in our line-up. Located in East Lyme, CT.  we distribute Auto detailing supplies and are constantly adding product to our inventory. Check back soon!

Auto Detailing Products
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