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Lester Enterprises is a master distributor of Temporary Surface Protection Film/Collision Wrap. 

60 Day Blue Surface Protection Film

Paint /Laminate/Tile/Glass/Metal/Composite Surfaces and More

3-millimeter highly rubberized film with zero residue PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

UV Stabilized and Puncture Resistant. This film is used by all our Commercial Towing accounts and also has many uses outside of this category.

Flooring companies, sign manufacturers, and counter top installation companies all use this product to make their work more efficient and clean.

We also provide the Clear VT30 for towing customers that need to have extra tack for hauling and storage purposes. We have all your needs covered when it comes to wrapping and storing vehicles that have been damaged and need protection for insurance and safety.

Collision Wrap Film
Crash Wrap
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