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"Dirteeze" Wipes With a Difference!!

Lester Enterprises is proud to be the sole master distributor of Dirteeze on the East Coast.

Our "Rough and Smooth" heavy duty wipes sit in almost every tow truck in New England. They are also used widely in the heating and oil industry. This wipe is unique in it's ability to absorb and clean. It has a beaded rough side to agitate dirt and grime and a smooth side to take it away. Tear-proof material is 3X stronger than other wipes.
Smooth and beaded sides for power scrubbing
without scratching.
Super absorbent with no bleed through.
Safe on skin with no sticky residue.


The LAX60 has also earned the name of  "The Rag Killer". Designed to go where you go with it's own portable box including handle, this product can do the job of  25 pounds of rags. Stronger, tear-proof, and super durable.
Low lint, clean cut edges, leaves no lint behind.
Highly absorbent, soaks up to 6X its weight.
Drastically reduces solvent consumption and waste
compared to rags


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