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Industrial Supplier in East Lyme, CT

Industrial Supplier / United States / Heating Contractors / Automotive Collision /  Towing /  Waste Management

Over the past several years Lester Enterprises has grown to be a leader in servicing heating contractors, commercial towing, automotive, waste managment, and other industries. We offer unique solutions and competitive prices to our customers around New England. We pride ourselves in customer service and on time delivery.

Collision Wrap


Industrial  Distributor to Specific Industries.

Incorporated in 2015 by CEO Holly Lester, Lester Enterprises originated out of a simple desire to own and operate her own business. Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves and Collision-Crash Wrap were the first and only products offered during the first few months of business. Those few line items opened the door to towing companies, commercial painters and auto body specialist. 

As she grew that business her customers started to ask for more and different solutions that their current vendors couldn't provide. A really great and affordable industrial hand soap seemed to be in demand. She researched companies all over the globe and found a chemical manufacturer that not only could make a great soap that actually removed grease and grime, it also helped cracked and sore hands during the tough winter months in New England.

As we  continued to meet the needs of our customer base, Lester Enterprises produced a line of detailing products. A true "streak free" glass cleaner, interior shine and carpet-spot remover unlike any others on the market.

Lester Enterprises continues to add unique solutions to our diverse customer base. We are  specifically geared to work in industries that have service vehicles on the road. Check out our online store, as our inventory is changing and growing all the time!

Lester Enterprises now services Commercial Towing, Automotive and Collision, Sanitation/Waste Management, Marina's, Excavating Companies, Heating and Cooling, Municipalities, Counter-Top and Flooring companies and any other business that has a need to keep their personnel and service vehicles clean.

Collision Wrap

Thick Latex Gloves for use with Solvents

Collision Wrap

Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

Collision Wrap

Industrial Hand Cleaners

Collision Wrap

Glass Cleaner

Carpet Stain Remover

Interior Fabric Cleaner and Spot Remover

Oil Pads

Sorbent Technolagies

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