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Introducing the CEP-HAZSK5 Universal Hazmat Aggressive Spill Kit, designed to quickly and effectively clean up hazardous spills. This 5-gallon spill kit contains all the necessary items to handle aggressive chemical spills, such as acids, solvents, and other dangerous liquids. The kit includes absorbent pads, socks, gloves, goggles, and a disposal bag, all conveniently packed in a durable and easy-to-carry container. It's portable design makes it easy for transport on service vehicles. Whether it's in a laboratoey, manufacturing facility, or anywhere else hazardous materials are present, this spill kit is essential for keeping the environment and personnel safe. With the CEP-HAZSK5, you can be confident in your ability to respond to hazardous spills and maintain a clean, secure work environment.

CEP-HAZSK5 Universal Hazmat Aggressive Spill Kit (5 Gallon)

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